“There you are!” Dave said, looking up from his laptop, as Hugues stepped into the office. “We missed you this morning at the front gate.” Most every school morning, Hugues is as much a fixture at the school entrance as the sellers of breakfast items (pâté, peanut brittle, fried plantains, Cheetos and ice cream…believe it or not, all parent-approved breakfast selections). (more…)


“What does this phrase mean: Find your own voice?” Franderly asked. I smiled. How many struggling artists have asked that question? It was not only the ubiquity of the question that made me smile but also the contrasting physical situation in which I’d found myself losing my voice. In the past month, I had not taught three classrooms of seventh grade English, as planned, but four. These seventh grade classes are in addition to my 13th and 12th grade advanced English groups and my primary art and English conversation classes. Talking so many hours each school day to large groups of students turned my voice raspy. It stayed raspy even through Sunday night when it had two days off. I wanted to find my normal voice again. (more…)