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Each year, at least 20 short-term mission teams, both general and medical, serve in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. The trips are planned by various churches and organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information about joining or organizing a team, please email us.

Our “GO” Covenant:

O Lord, God, Our desire has always been to serve You with our very lives. We want this desire to turn into reality every day. Each day we will remind ourselves of Your Gospel so that we might be fully motivated to surrender our will to Yours. We desire to be obedient in every aspect of our lives. We will seek to be the same person at home, at work, and at church. We will seek to depend on Your Word for guidance and Your Holy Spirit for the power to carry out every task You call us to do. We desire to do nothing from selfishness or self-promotion. We will seek opportunities to use the gifts, talents, and passions You have given us to serve others. We desire to do everything in love, beginning with Your love for us and Your love overflowing through us to others. We love you Lord! Use us as You desire.


Our “GO” Mission:

To serve the downcast and the spiritually needy both here and in Haiti by using our spiritual and life gifts, influenced by our passions and values; and to seek the Lord’s desire to change the hearts of all so that they may grow as disciples and leaders, preparing them to have a significant impact for the Kingdom of God on their marriage, their children, their church, their community, their country, and their world

Mission Teams:


  • February 6: Pat Duff Team
  • February 6-13: Phil Lenko USA/Canada Medical Team
  • February 13-20: Phil Lenko USA/Canada Medical Team
  • March 5-12: Southland Christian Church Medical Team
  • March 12-19: Toledo, Ohio Medical Team
  • March 19-26: Colorado/New York Team
  • March 26-April 2: Kent Sate University
  • April 2-9: Southland Christian
  • April 23-30: Checkers International
  • May 7-14: Ohio High School
  • May 23-30: The University of Akron
  • June 11-18: Ohio Surgical Team
  • June 26-July 1: Southland Christian Church
  • July 1-8: Hope in Haiti
  • July 8-15: Mount Hope
  • Oct 29-Nov 5: Christ Community Chapel



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