Institution Univers Changed My Life


Michaela Roland“This trip is something I have been dreaming about for seven years.”

Coalition of Children in Need Association has helped create an invaluable experience for many people in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. My name is Michaela Roland, and meeting others involved with COCINA has inspired me to do more and give more of my life to the amazing and loving people of Ouanaminthe.

Institution Univers is a school run by love, prayers, support, and many hard-working, passionate people – and it has changed my life in abundant, remarkable ways. Beginning in 2009, when I was 15 years old, I started to realize that teaching children and connecting with students is my passion. After many more mission trips, I became even more reassured that I wanted to spend my life teaching children. My goal was to spend time teaching in Haiti. Every summer and winter I have had the opportunity to visit Ouanaminthe to teach English and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) preparation classes at Univers. The students continue to pull on my heartstrings, and teaching them for just a week to four weeks is not enough.

Finally, after 12 trips, I am now able take a journey to Haiti for six months. This trip is something I have been dreaming about for seven years. Shortly after graduating this May, with a degree in English Education, I will be making the trip to Haiti for a longer stay than I ever have before.

I am looking forward to…

…being able to teach my students more consistently.

…seeing all of the children and students come to summer camp every day, and then come to school everyday dressed perfectly in their uniforms.

… learning more about the Haitian culture and people, as I become their neighbor.

…creating more friendships and connections with the inspiring people in Haiti, the volunteers, and more of the COCINA community.

Most importantly, I am looking forward to building an even stronger relationship with God each and every day in the amazing country of Haiti.

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