Meet Emmanuel Joseph, 2009 IU Graduate




success in haitiBelow is the second in a series of articles highlighting some of the graduates of Institution Univers who, through the support of COCINA and its partners, went on to study beyond IU and have now returned to Ouanaminthe and Univers to fulfill their commitment of giving back to the community they came from.

We’ve begun to ask each of the returning graduates now working for Univers a series of questions that we hope will allow you to learn not only about their past, but about their hopes for the future, in their own words.

Meet Emmanuel Joseph…


When did you start at IU?

I started at IU in seventh grade in 2002

Did others in your family attend IU or another school? Or were you the first?

I was the first one in my family to attend IU. Then in 2005 my younger brother, David Joseph, joined the big IU family. He graduated in 2012.

Where did you go to college/university?

I went to college in Kentucky. I attended Big Sandy Community and Technical College and Alice Lloyd College.

What did you study? What degree did you get?

Biology/Premed and Sociology

emmanuel-joseph-recentWhen and Why did you return to Univers to begin working?

I returned to Haiti in 2014, right after graduation and in the midst of the passing of my beloved mother. I have returned to work at IU in order to honor an agreement I signed, but most importantly to give back to IU, my community, and my home country.

What do you love most about your work at Univers?

I love the fact I work in a Christian environment where I can count on my colleagues for prayer and godly support. That makes my job enjoyable.

What is your hope for Haiti?

My hope for my Haiti is to see godly, educated, responsible, honest, and wise men rise up someday to lead the country. I pray for a day when the children and all my fellow citizens will not have to struggle anymore for some of the most basic needs such as clean drinking water, food, healthcare, and education.

What do you think is the greatest need in Ouanaminthe/Haiti?

In my opinion, the greatest need in Haiti is good leadership and financial resources. If these two major factors are met in Haiti, many other problems the country faces will be solved and therefore progressive prosperity will begin. There is still hope for Haiti. Hope for a new day. Hope to break the chain of poverty. We Haitians are the hallmarks of hope of our country. I am so thankful for the generous friends and supporters of COCINA who are diligently assisting us in cultivating that hope in Haiti.


Emmanuel Joseph’s success can be connected directly back to his education and spiritual guidance from Institution Univers. Want to help a student gain that same benefit? Donate today – just $40/month can help cover the cost of a student to attend IU.



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