Meet Hantz-Jerry Pierre – 2009 IU Graduate



jerry-old-pic-2We are excited to start highlighting some of the graduates of Institution Univers who, through the support of COCINA and its partners, went on to study beyond IU and have now returned to Ouanaminthe and Univers to fulfill their commitment of giving back to the community they came from.

One of our first returning graduates was Hantz-Jerry Pierre. We asked Hantz-Jerry a few questions so you could get to know him. We hope this question and answer format will allow you to learn not only about his past, but about his hopes for the future, in his own words…

Meet Hantz-Jerry Pierre…


When did you start at IU?

September 2001

Did/Do others in your family attend IU or another school? Or were you the first?

Yes. I have others in my family who attended IU. I have cousins, they are my family.

Where did you go to college/university?

I went to Big Sandy Community College in Prestonsburg, Kentucky from 2009 – 2011, then transferred to University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

What did you study? What degree did you get?

Business Administration, 4 years

When and why did you return to Univers to begin working?

I started working at IU in June 2013. I returned because returning was the right thing to do. Coming back and working in my country for me is the nicest thing that could happen and also I was excited to work at Univers. I couldn’t wait to come back.

What do you love most about your work at Univers?

What I love most about my work at Univers is the leader I am to the kids. To the students and employees, I am an example and the fruit of what Univers has been working since its foundation in 1994.

hantz-jerry-new-pictureWhat is your hope for Haiti?

My hope for Haiti is to see one day that we won’t be dependent on other countries to provide for our every need. I hope to see a Haiti that has all the essential resources a human needs to survive like drinking water, electricity everywhere, paved roads and also a better management of public transportation, a great improvement in the way we do agriculture. I want to see a Haiti that does not only import goods, but also does a lot of exporting such coffee beans, bananas, sugar, mangoes, etc. I want to see a country where people can afford to eat, can afford to send their children to school, a country where parents can provide for their children. I want to see a Haiti that is respected everywhere. I want to see a Haiti that is run by people who care for the country, for the Haitian people.

What do you think is the greatest need in Ouanaminthe/Haiti?

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”

This Chinese proverb is what I want to see realized in Haiti, in Ouanaminthe. Most people out of the country donating to Haiti just keep feeding us instead of helping or showing us how to build infrastructure that can help us produce what we need. Haiti needs people or businesses to come and invest in things we need, not useless things that will make them become richer. Education in Haiti needs to be revitalized so we can allow our Haitian kids to have a better education, which will not only be good for Haiti but everywhere in the world. I want our education system to have the same value that the American or the French education system would have in another country.


Hantz-Jerry’s success can be connected directly back to his education and spiritual guidance from Institution Univers. Want to help a student gain that same benefit? Donate today – just $40/month can help cover the cost of a student to attend IU.



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