Meet Marie-Claire Charles, 2009 IU Graduate




Below is the third in a series of articles highlighting some of the graduates of Institution Univers who, through the support of COCINA and its partners, went on to study beyond IU and have now returned to Ouanaminthe and Univers to fulfill their commitment of giving back to the community they came from.

We’ve begun to ask each of the returning graduates now working for Univers a series of questions that we hope will allow you to learn not only about their past, but about their hopes for the future, in their own words.

Meet Marie-Claire Charles…


When did you start at IU?

I started at IU in 2002, in 7th grade.

Did others in your family attend IU or another school? Or were you the first?

I was the first to attend IU, and my younger brother entered IU two years later, then my younger cousin.

Where did you go to college/university?

I went to college in Pennsylvania, USA. I graduated from Millersville University.

What did you study? What degree did you?

My major was International Studies with a minor in Business Administration. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts.

When and Why did you return to Univers to begin working?

I returned to Univers in June 2014. I came back to Univers first to honor the contract that I had signed. Second – knowing that I would come back to IU was my sponsors’ motivation to support me, and I wanted to also honor that. Third – working at IU is, for me, a way to show my gratitude to the school and all its supporters.

What do you love most about your work at Univers?

What I love the most about my work at Univers is the sense of belonging that I feel here.

What is your hope for Haiti?

Without going into details, I hope for Haiti to have good schools and universities that form real and good leaders for the country, and to see an educated people that is able to consciously choose who its leaders are.

What do you think is the greatest need in Ouanaminthe/Haiti?

It is difficult to pick out the greatest need in a place that has so many basic needs, but I believe that education is the greatest need in Ouanaminthe and in Haiti. We need colleges and universities.


Marie-Claire’s success can be connected directly back to her education and spiritual guidance from Institution Univers. Want to help a student gain that same benefit? Donate today – just $40/month can help cover the cost of a student to attend IU.



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