Economic Development


Economic Development Education

Understanding that jobs and job training are crucial to the betterment of Haitian lives, COCINA has made Economic Development a significant focus of its mission. With the help of Christian business leaders, several ventures in Ouanaminthe are underway and growing:

Univers Village Apartments

Univers Village ApartmentsIn 2013, the construction of eight apartment buildings was completed and today they are fully rented. The developers have designated that a portion of profits go to Institution Univers. The complex has provided much appreciated income for the school, as well as housing for doctors and missionaries.

Bread4Haiti Bakery

COCINA Bakery Economic DevelopmentIn 2010, Rick Sands, a small business owner from Ohio, followed God’s leading to build a bakery in Haiti. A bakery owner himself, Rick shared his expertise to start Bread4Haiti, which opened its doors on the Institution Univers campus in 2013. The bakery’s objectives are to first, provide nutritious bread for our students; second, create employment opportunities for students and the community; and third, make a profit to invest back into the ministry. Future plans include an expanded product line, sourcing flour from inside Haiti, and a wholesale effort for local individual distributors to sell bread at market.

Fruit and Vegetable Farm

Agriculture - Economic DevelopmentOn his own land, COCINA founder Hugues Bastien grows coconut, mango, lime, lemon, orange, cashew, papaya, plantain, and banana trees, as well as peanut, sweet potato, pineapple, potato and okra plants. His vision is to show locals what can be done using responsible farming techniques and agricultural knowledge. Cows, goats, and honeybees also call the farm home. Community neighbors are hired to care for farm, and the harvest is used for school lunches and to feed mission teams.

Special Projects

Occasionally, grant donors or individual donors will take interest in jump-starting special projects for COCINA’s benefit. While these projects are not routinely subsidized by COCINA, they are often granted seed money. Whether temporary or permanent additions to the ministries of COCINA, the projects are believed to be equally as important as the original goals of the education facility. Most of these special projects aim at community job creation and project sustainability.

Our Mission

farmThrough Christian business leaders called to serve and share their gifts, COCINA aims to provide training, funding, business planning, and business coaching to students and graduates of Institution Univers and members of the Ouanaminthe community.


Our Goals

COCINA aims to help provide 250 jobs and 30 management-level positions in the Ouanaminthe area by 2020. By then, we plan to have seven profitable businesses running, generating $50k per year that would go back into educating students at Institution Univers.

As IU’s vocational program expands, we also aim to eventually have 30% of newly created local jobs filled with IU vocational students.

Our Approach

As in our approach to education and healthcare, COCINA seeks to glorify God in all economic development plans and projects.

As our students progress through high school and college, we want them to realize that education is a means, not an end; and that they must be the ones to use all God has given them to make an economic difference in their country.

With the purpose of building hope within the people of Haiti, creating self-sustaining businesses that are run by Haitians is crucial. These businesses provide opportunities for college graduates to succeed and employment for high school graduates.

As COCINA-planted businesses grow, they are then able to contribute funds for future development in Haiti, as well as help fund the ministry.

Our Recent Accomplishments

Institution Univers (IU) has become a significant employer in Ouanaminthe, with 250 people on staff in a wide variety of roles. We are proud to say that six of IU’s college graduates have returned home and are now putting their degrees to work in Haiti.

In 2013, a bakery was built on the IU campus. The business employs local Haitians and provides healthy bread and other products for the area.

In 2013, construction was completed on Univers Village, which consists of eight apartments in Ouanaminthe. They are fully rented, generating profits for the ministry, and housing doctors and missionaries.

Our Needs

To make our economic development program most effective, the following needs must be met:


  • Business expertise in chickens and egg production
  • Business expertise in bakery management


  • More business opportunities in the Ouanaminthe area