Institution Univers is a preschool-13th grade facility in the border town of Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

Institution Univers educates over 2,300 students in pre-school through grade 13 and is ranked as one of the top ten schools in Haiti.

The school was started in 1994 in the border town of Ouanaminthe by the current director Hugues Bastien, a native of Haiti. Since then, Institution Univers has grown from a one-room preschool into a campus of multiple buildings employing over 150 local professionals and support personnel. A Christian school, Institution Univers teaches Bible in addition to its general education curriculum and vocational courses.

Univers des Petits

Pre-school and Kindergarten of Institution UniversThe Pre-school and Kindergarten program of Institution Univers serves over 600 children ages 3-5 years old, with four classrooms at each grade level. Children learn to read, write, and recite basic French.

College Univers

Primary and Secondary School of Institution Univers

The Primary and Secondary school of Institution Univers educates students in grade levels 1st-13th. All grades adhere strictly to the curriculum standards mandated by the Haitian educational guidelines and are supplemented with biblical coursework. College Univers serves nearly 900 students in the primary grades (1st through 6th) and 800 in the secondary (7th through 13th).

Our Mission

Institution Univers aims to complete the education cycle by aligning our education programs and training with business, education, medical, and political needs in the region.

Our Goals

The goal of Institution Univers (IU) is to raise a new generation of Christian leaders in business, government, and education that can build a stronger community in and around Ouanaminthe, Haiti. In pursuit of this objective, we are working to expand our curriculum and programs at all levels.

As students complete their IU education, we encourage and support the pursuit of higher education. Our goal is to have 15% of our graduates enrolled in university studies, matching their degrees to opportunities and needs in Haiti.

Our Approach

Institution Univers provides spiritual, educational, and vocational support for all of its students. A full-time staff missionary leads the Christian Education program and mentors IU graduates as future spiritual leaders. Vocational training, college placement, job training, and job placement programs help students prepare for their futures as productive adults equipped to positively contribute to their community.

Our Programs

In addition to traditional academic courses and Bible classes, IU offers:

  • Scholarship program
  • Daily lunch program
  • Sports program
  • Extracurricular clubs and activities

Our Recent Accomplishments

Year after year Univers students rank superiorly in its national test scores and receive national recognition for their academic performance.

In 2012 two students, Evelyn Cherenfant and Wesley NuackSaintilnord, earned national recognition for their performance in the national official exam as National Laureates, an honor only given to ten high school students in all of Haiti annually.

Our Graduate Placement Program

Our Graduate Placement Program seeks full scholarship support for IU’s top graduates. Since 2009, 42 IU grads have been accepted to colleges and universities: 28 in the U.S. and 14 in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Senegal.

Six of our college graduates now have degrees and have returned to work and serve in Haiti.

Our Needs

With a large and very full campus in an impoverished area, Institution Univers’s needs are wide and varied. They include…


  • Funding for four teacher assistants and Primary Director


  • Expansion to the current solar power grid
  • Commercial Internet
  • New classroom doors
  • All-purpose room ventilation
  • Separate kindergarten playground

Educational Enablement:

  • Technology in classrooms
  • Replacement of aging furniture
  • Labs (Computer, Chemistry, and Language)
  • Teacher in-service and appreciation opportunities
  • Classroom supplies


  • School buses
  • School vehicles (jeep and truck)


Each year many students wishing to enroll at Institution Univers are turned away due to space limitations and budget constraints. COCINA needs to provide more than $400,000 per year to fund costs not paid for by student tuition and other fees which cover 40% of the school’s operating costs.