Student Sponsorship – FAQ

sponsor a child in haiti


Have questions about how to sponsor a child in Haiti through the COCINA Student Sponsorship Program? Below you’ll find answers to several frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please email

Does my monthly gift go to only my student?

COCINA aims to effectively meet the educational, medical, and nutritional needs of all students who attend Institution Univers (IU). We cannot provide the daily essentials to one child who is sponsored while ignoring those same needs for another child who may not yet be sponsored. Your donation contributes to the needs of all students at Institution Univers, and does not go directly to an individual child. However, sponsorship allows you to know a particular child who is receiving much needed assistance from your generosity.

May I send gifts or extra funds to my student?

No. At this time personal gifts to a particular student are not part of the Student Sponsorship Program. If you wish to send a gift, you may send an additional monetary donation to COCINA. The funds will be used in Ouanaminthe to help meet the needs of all Institution Univers students and their families.

Will I receive information and updates about my sponsored child?

As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates on the overall sponsorship program and bi-annual updates on your student. You can also expect a new photo information card mailed to you on an annual basis.

Can I communicate with my student?

Currently, all communication will come directly from COCINA. Sponsors will receive regular updates via email, as well as printed photo cards for their sponsored student.

What will happen to my student if I must discontinue my sponsorship?

If you are unable to continue in the sponsorship program, your student will become available for someone else to sponsor.

What is COCINA’s Child Protection Policy?

A copy of our privacy policy can be requested by emailing